This dog had not given his agreement to welcome a little brother, and then finally …

What would your dog do if you brought him a playmate one day? He would probably be intrigued, wary. Then, socialized, he would not hesitate to respond to the game … by the game. This is exactly what Kevin experienced. To the delight of his parents.

Kévin initially remained unmoved . Motionless. As puzzled. Maybe wondering if his masters hadn’t played a bad joke on him . He, the only dog of Carleigh Johnson Stroup and her husband, was no longer alone in the world. The end of 4 years when he had received, all by himself, all the attentions . Gone are the days.

Because Carleigh decided to expand the family by adopting another dog. A younger, more turbulent too. A little Lyle who was the opposite of Kevin in many ways. The first meeting was absolutely calm , even though Lyle was already trying to start playing with his big brother.

Two dogs that have become inseparable

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