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you just need to choose a dog shampoo. There are many kinds of products on the market. However, if you want to choose a natural alternative to keep your dog’s hair clean and beautiful, you should limit your research to organic shampoo. Where can I find them? How to distinguish them from traditional dog shampoo?


where can I buy organic dog shampoo and how to identify it? How do you make shampoo for your dog? Homemade organic Castilla soap and vinegar dog shampoo recipe oatmeal honey and coconut oil dog shampoo

what is organic dog shampoo? How is it different from non organic products? We’ll try our best to locate you. We also provide you with some recipes for homemade dog shampoo.

where can I buy organic dog shampoo and how to identify it?

website, organic stores and pet stores increasingly provide natural pet hygiene and beauty products. The choice of organic dog shampoo also tends to be diversified, providing you with more possibilities and making the product adapt to the particularity of your 4-legged partner.

when you want to buy organic shampoo, the first thing to look for is the label. In fact, it is the “particles” on the product packaging that prove the certification of the official organization. Ecocert is one of these recognized and reliable brands.

organic dog shampoo is made from a very high proportion of natural ingredients (95% to 98%) and organic ingredients. Their production does not include synthetic spices, paracetamol, phenoxyethanol and other substances known to be harmful to animal health and the environment.

they are also gentle to dogs, respect the pH value of dogs’ natural epidermis, and provide other benefits according to the selected products: moisturizing,

the most common ingredients in organic dog shampoo are plant-based. Essential oils are everywhere. Aloe, grapefruit seed extract, avocado oil, Batan extract, thyme essential oil, lavender essential oil, rosemary, citronella, chamomile, almond, tea tree, nettle, plum, coconut oil, wheat germ and seaweed.

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“In addition to the organic dog shampoo on the market, you can also produce it with natural ingredients at home. The only disadvantage of these homemade shampoos is that they don’t last long; Stay in the refrigerator for no more than 7 days.

organic Castilla soap and vinegar homemade dog shampoo

for this dog shampoo formula, you need:

10ml organic Castilla soap 6ml organic apple vinegar 3ml organic vegetable glycerin 6ml distilled water

All these ingredients are mixed until a paste consistency is reached. The mixture should be poured into a container with a clean lid. It is used in the same way as a traditional shampoo: apply it to the dog’s wet hair before washing it thoroughly

oatmeal dog shampoo formula

this is the ingredient of this self-made dog shampoo:

170 g oatmeal, 115 g baking soda, 1 tbsp organic honey, 140 ml distilled water

switch to the blender oatmeal, Gradually add baking soda and honey to the water. Pour the mixture into a jar with a lid and shake well. Apply directly to the dog’s clothes before bathing.

honey and coconut oil dog shampoo

if your dog has dry hair and fragile skin, this shampoo formula will help ensure its moisturizing and soothing.

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6 tbsp organic Castile Soap 2 tbsp organic honey 2 tbsp organic vegetable glycerin 2 tbsp organic vinegar 4 tbsp distilled water 1 tbsp coconut oil

mix, Except Castilla soap, honey, glycerin and coconut vegetable oil. In the second container, the organic vinegar and water are mixed. Gradually add this mixture to the first mixture and stir until a paste is formed. Rest all day. Use on dogs as a classic shampoo and rinse.

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