Take good care of the dog’s health

Illustration : "Bien s’occuper de la santé d’un chien pratiquant le canicross"

canines have high physical requirements for your dog. Although this sport is beneficial, it will also cause some health problems. In order to avoid or predict them, multiple responses must be taken.


health status as a green or red light. Check your dog’s health status during and after each treatment. What potential harm? It is very important to choose a good device to summarize the health status, such as green light or red light

, before starting canine. The first is physical examination. Then, the veterinarian will tell you whether you should perform this endurance and demanding exercise for your subject. Not all breeds are designed for canines, as we explained in this guide. The first visit is indeed necessary to avoid any accidents and predict any health problems. Especially in some cases, these problems may be serious. Kdspe should carefully check the health status during and after each

training. In practice, canines need to pay attention to your dog’s behavior at all times. What shape is it? Is his gait different from last time? What impression did he make of you? Does he run as comfortable as usual? Ask yourself all these questions at the beginning of each class. When it comes to motivation, we remind you that no dog should be forced to practice canines. Even if he gets used to it, one day your people may refuse to go out. Listen to him and postpone your treatment until later.

once the treatment is over, it is very important to check your dog from top to bottom. Carefully observe the pads to make sure they are not damaged. In canicross, try to avoid using asphalt and choose forest or country trails.

finally, we would like to remind you that you must take a small gourd or a bottle of padded water with you when you go out. Your dog should be able to sip water frequently to avoid dehydration.

what kind of harm may your dog suffer?

canine training is very harsh for your dog. His muscles, though true, are being tested. Therefore, your partner may have muscle damage in some parts of the body, which may lead to tendinitis or tear. To minimize them, you should warm up your dog to perfect condition before going out every time (about 20 minutes), and then give it a good recovery period. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about

traction, which will inevitably affect the dog’s muscles and bones. In some cases, trouble will arise and will not appear until a few years later. We recommend that you consult a dog’s orthopedic doctor.

what to avoid to keep healthy

when practicing canine animals, there are several things to avoid to minimize the risk to your dog:

practices Canine Animals in hot summer. After efforts, a heat wave comes faster. More importantly, dehydration will affect your protection, not to mention the overheated floor, which may seriously burn your dog’s mat. Limit the duration and length of the output.You must raise your dog step by step. When it is strong enough, don’t exceed 10 kilometers. For cani trails (10-25 km), provide a special training and never start in 2 years. Trails are the best, although detours on gravel can be fun to teach your dog to evolve on all types of terrain. Don’t leave within 2 hours after your dog swallows food. The risk of stomach turnover is too high. Canicross has more benefits than any other

sport. Canicross brings a lot of benefits to your dog. For example, contact with peers in competitions or leisure travel will benefit them. By practicing this discipline, he will greatly limit his potential overweight because he will spend more money on the sofa. It will remain in shape (as shown). After a good exercise, he will undoubtedly become more Zen. Finally, this will strengthen your contact and collusion.


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in France selects a good

equipment. We only know that we suggest you equip your dog with a good traction belt. As described in this guide, choosing the correct seat belt is very important for your protected person. It can avoid some scratches and even strangulation.

in short,

your dog’s health is the primary task of practicing canines. It must be the center of your attention before, during and after each treatment. You must adapt to your dog, not vice versa. Pay attention to the outdoor temperature, terrain and equipment selection, and don’t forget to bring some water. “

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