To pay tribute to the doctors who saved his dog from cancer, a man offers them an advertising spot for 5 million euros!

Scout is a miracle. This dog had only a small chance of surviving from his cancer. Her master did not give up and decided to send her to aggressive chemotherapy at medical school. A few months later, he paid tribute to the faculty via an advertising spot broadcast during the Super Bowl!

Summer 2019. At his home, David MacNeil collapses. In front of him, the man listens in disbelief as the veterinarian tells him that Scout , his faithful 7-year-old dog, is suffering from cancer . His time is running out. The Golden Retriever has only one month, at most, to live.

Her last hope lay in aggressive chemotherapy . When it came time to begin this process, no one was giving Scout more than a 1% chance of survival. But thanks to the powerful radiation, the tumor was eradicated. Scout miraculously got through this.

An advertisement calling for donations in favor of the medical school

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Happy as everything, David has made a gesture that honors him. During the last Super Bowl , the business owner bought a 30-second commercial called “Lucky Dog ”. An advertisement extolling the merits of the medical school, encouraging donations to the latter. An “ incredible opportunity ” for the Dean of the Faculty, Mark Markel . Opportunity also in the sense that such animal healing methods can be beneficial to humans.

I hope this spot will have a positive impact on cancer for animals and people around the world, ” said David MacNeil . Cost of the campaign: 5.4 million euros


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