Rescue of a dog left to his own devices. Unable to sleep, he is attached to a chain that he cannot get rid of

Sick and tortured, a dog was found chained so that he could not lie down to sleep.

In Cancun , Mexico, a woman discovered a Pitbull cross in chains in front of a house. He was in terrible shape.

The dog was suffering from ringworm and mange , he was losing his hair , his ears had obviously been cut with scissors or a knife and his teeth had been filed down . In addition, he was without water, food and shelter , the chain was so short that he could not lie down to sleep. He could barely tilt his head to ease his pain a little.

Tiffany Lacey , director of Animal Haven , tells Dodo what was said to the woman who found the dog. By ringing the doorbell in front of which Totopo was chained, he is told that it is his punishment for running after a hen.

The woman therefore asked that the dog be handed over to her. She handed it over to her friend Matteo Saucedo from Riviera Rescue AC.

Lacey is based in New York. Seeing the photos , she can’t wait to welcome him to Animal Haven. Saucedo brings him himself, along with 2 other disabled dogs .

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Lacey’s surprise was great when she saw that the dog was extremely loving and affectionate despite her present and past suffering. He is very fond of people. Maybe he hasn’t quite taken in what happened to him yet, or he’s just bounced back. Either way, Lacey intends to find him an adoptive family so that he can end his life with dignity.


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