Get ready for the newborn

Illustration : "Préparer son chien à l’arrivée d’un nouveau-né"

it is one of the happiest and most exciting things for a couple to go home. It is accompanied by great changes, not only for future parents, but also for the dog at home. In order to make his first contact and cohabitation with his child in a positive way, it is necessary to prepare for this great moment.

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dog will envy the arrival of his child? Prepare for the arrival of the baby and give the baby time to adapt to the arrival of the newborn: organize “Introduction” that your dog must live the baby’s daily life, and never let the child and your dog

alone With the announcement of pregnancy and the prospect of children returning home, people will inevitably worry about future dog parents. Will animals see the arrival of children with evil eyes? Will he be aggressive to newborns? Will he be jealous?

don’t wait until your child is born to change your dog’s life. This will be the best way to create anxiety, anxiety and stress for your dog. This psychological shock may lead to reactions you can’t control. This can even endanger your child. Will the

dog envy the arrival of the child?

jealousy is a feeling we often bring to dogs, and it shouldn’t be here. Dogs do not envy children, but are shaken by all the chaos in life associated with this unusual event. Therefore, this distorts this recognized idea. In fact, it is far from the only idea around this theme. Therefore, we suggest the following suggestions to help you overcome these obstacles and alleviate your concerns when your baby meets your dog.

is ready for your baby.

your dog should not feel the competition between your baby and him. Your dog likes routine and doesn’t feel good about changing habits. However, if you do well, you will succeed in changing some behaviors.

first, before your child is born, you must begin to adapt to an environment that will change no matter what happens. Show her the baby’s new room. He must immerse himself in this special universe. On the other hand, he is prohibited from moving any object or carrying any object with him. Don’t hesitate to reward him with candy, toys or touching. You can also buy toys so that your dog won’t take your child’s toys in the future.

if your dog is used to sleeping in your room, you should consider putting his basket in another part of the house. Because in the first few months, your child may sleep with you. Your dog should not feel alienated here. Let him get used to settling down in a new place and reward him every time he is there.

gives him time to adapt to the arrival of a new family member of

, which is unusual for dogs. When it comes to newborns, the situation is even worse. This event is inevitably accompanied by profound changes in the family, so the dog’s logo and habits have also undergone profound changes.


are the focus of the couple’s attention. He will have to get used to “sharing stars” with his children. You must make sure it has nothing to do with the negative emotions of animals. In this process, the key to success is that you can act step by step with the dog. This DOIGradually facing all aspects of this turmoil:

obtains the suggestions of woopets by subscribing to the newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. For more information, you must adapt to the new restrictions bit by bit: safety door, closing door and no entry into the baby room. A firm “no”, coupled with a reward, enabled her to prepare calmly a few weeks before delivery. The same is true for children’s products. For obvious hygiene and health reasons, they should never be exposed. Your dog should also get used to your less and less attention and time. When the newborn comes home, you will devote more energy to him and sacrifice animals. However, this does not mean ignoring it: walking, eating, nursing, playing and hugging are the most important. Otherwise, the dog’s behavior may be affected. Let him understand that this is not his decision, but your decision. It is suggested that the dog be given a baby’s dress with its smell on it so that it can be familiar with it. This is a fair principle, but it may not be the most effective method. Show her dirty diapers, too. It would be better if the dog could smell the smell of a newborn child on the father’s clothes, such as when the father came back from his mother. In this way, your animal will not be confused by this new olfactory feature. When it sees it directly on the baby, it will respond better. Newborn home: organize “Introduction” of kdsp to make the first contact between dog and child a positive experience. This moment must be as quiet as possible. Dramatizing the encounter and making it fun may make your pet feel stressed or over excited. In this case, each time you touch your baby, these feelings are likely to make him / her energetic.

as mentioned earlier, give your dog your baby’s clothes first, and the dog will have time to smell it and smell an unknown smell at that time. At the same time, hug him and let him know your attention. He’ll think your child’s smell is a good thing. When it does arrive, your dog already knows your baby’s smell. He’ll try to get close. Only allow the dog when he shows calm.

instead of taking your child, let the dog take the time to approach him actively. His natural curiosity will soon prompt him to do so. Relax, but be careful, carefully observe the dog’s reaction, and slowly put the child on one side of the leg (not on the head). It is important to reward the dog’s good behavior in these statements to strengthen the dog’s enthusiasm.

your dog must live your baby’s daily life,

don’t let your dog be abandoned. When you take care of your child, let him accompany you. For example,

can also read: dogs and children: precautions

let the dog stay with you when your baby cries. Showing calm will give him confidence and eliminate unnecessary pressure. When you take your children out, let your dog accompany you. When your child is breastfeeding, let the dog stand quietly next to you. Don’t hesitate to reward him for his good behavior. Even if your dog is the cutest dog in the world, don’t let your child be alone with your

dog,Under no circumstances can you leave your child alone with your dog. In fact, your baby may make a gesture that the dog thinks is inappropriate. The latter can respond accordingly. He may think your child wants to play, but that’s not the case

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