Loire-Atlantique: A suspect attacks a police dog during his arrest

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Suspected of receiving a scooter, a man had the very bad idea of attacking the police dog during his arrest. The individual was bitten by the latter after having kicked him, removing his muzzle in the process. However, the injury inflicted by the quadruped is not serious.

Double lesson for a young man arrested last Saturday (October 26) in the western suburbs of Nantes : not to break the law, let alone attack a police dog . The facts, reported by Ouest France , took place around 7 p.m., avenue de l’Angevinière in the Sillon-de-Bretagne district in Saint-Herblain (44).

The police canine brigade had a hard time facing an individual suspected in a case of scooter concealment . When the police tried to arrest him , the suspect strongly resisted . It was there that he made a gesture that he instantly regretted : he kicked the dog, removing his muzzle . The natural reaction of the quadruped has obviously been to defend itself; he bit him on the calf . The police officers finally subdued the assailant.

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The latter, who was only slightly injured , was then placed in police custody for concealment of theft and violence against a person holding public authority . This is, in fact, the official status of the dog in question, since it has a registration number and is considered an official . The accused can only blame himself …

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