A man manages to save his Pitbull by courageously interposing himself between him and a 160 kilogram bear

In Nevada County, California, a man did not hesitate to confront a bear because the latter was attacking his dog. His intervention led the ursid to let go and saved the canine. The latter had to be operated after the attack.

The incident took place the day before Thanksgiving Day , November 25. That day, his 4-legged friend Buddy , a 40kg Pitbull , was playing outside, when his owner heard a growl .

The man immediately went out to see what was going on. Horrified, he saw his dog attacked by a 160 kg bear. The plantigrade held him tight and began to drag him . Kaleb Bentham couldn’t sit idly by. He ran towards the Ursine, was wrestled to the ground and sent him several blows to the face.

The bear finally let go and walked away from the house, leaving the dog severely injured .

Kaleb Bentham rushed to take his pet to the vet , but the nearest clinic was closed . That of Grass Valley, on the other hand, the Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital , was well open . Buddy was urgently taken care of there and operated on .

The dog received staples and stitches in particular. He is recovering little by little.


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