Prepare his dog for the child’s arrival

Illustration : "Préparer son chien à l'arrivée d'un bébé"

children and dogs will have enough time to connect, but before that, it is important to prepare for their meeting so that everything goes well from day one.


Before the baby is born, we must master the knowledge. Don’t disturb his little habits. Other important preventive measures should make him familiar with the child’s smell.

the newborn is born at home, which is a change in the dog’s life at home. New faces, new smells, unfamiliar sounds and movements. This is also a potential source of interference. It will find that all the family’s attention is focused on the baby, and inevitably, the baby’s attention will be reduced.

therefore, the arrival of the child will bring chaos to the whole dog, Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for this. Of course, this role belongs to the master, who will ensure that the first meeting between the two unknown family members is conducted in the best way.

must master the learning before the baby is born.

before the newborn is born, Make sure the dog has some basic commands and learning.

receives suggestions from woopets through registered newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about stopping and releasing objects: a determined “stop” or “stop” dog immediately stops behavior that is considered dangerous or clumsy. Just as the “coward” order forbids him to keep things belonging to the baby. Cleanliness: for obvious hygiene and health reasons, dogs must learn to meet their needs only when walking (don’t forget to pick things up in plastic bags). Don’t lick your face: This is also a prohibited behavior, because it is related to your child’s health. Bacteria can be transmitted through animal saliva. Don’t jump on others: for a healthy adult, it will soon become embarrassing for a dog to jump on him to welcome him. This is especially true for an easily injured baby, even if it is not the intention of the animal. Belt walking and reminder: sooner or later you will be brought together to walk the dog and children. If you lose control of your four legged companions when you go out, the activity may become completely unmanageable and even dangerous. Try not to disturb his little habit

and don’t change your dog’s habit to avoid further interference with it. Make sure the change is gradual, including the time of day. Obviously, he can no longer enjoy it as before, but completely depriving it of its existence and attention is the best way to get it into depression. Try to give him time to play games, hug and walk.

can also protect his landmark by avoiding changing where he usually sleeps and rests. “Other important precautions to be taken by

” Make sure the dog is always clean: don’t neglect brushing your teeth or bathing. Treat its external parasites (fleas, ticks, etc.) and internal parasites (worms).

if the vaccine is not up-to-date, please take him to the veterinarian for treatment. Use your expert trip to seek more advice on dog / newborn cohabitation. It will certainly have something interesting to tell you.


are at home,It is strongly recommended that dogs not enter children’s rooms. If necessary, set up a barrier.


also read: dogs and children: precautions

familiarizes the child with the child’s smell

before and soon after birth, You can buy him a linen he has touched to adapt to his smell. Give him time to smell blankets or clothes. Before the arrival of the big, don’t hesitate to let it meet more babies.

so that when displayed, animals will recognize this olfactory feature and integrate it more easily.

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