Labrador collapses after being bitten by wasp, veterinarian warns pet owners

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A resident of Durham (United Kingdom) had to urgently take her dog to the vet after she was bitten by a wasp. An accident that could have been fatal to her…

Molly, a 7-month-old Female Labrador, was quietly having fun in the garden when the drama happened. The accidentally swallowed a wasp. Trapped in her mouth, the insect stung her several times.” Kdspe”

I had just sat down with a cup of coffee when I heard Molly banging her muzzle against the patio doors, and I went to see, said Jan Thubron, her owner, who removed the intruder. She then collapsed on the ground and was cold. His teeth were clenched and I noticed that his gums were white, which was not a good sign. I asked for help from a builder working across the street because I couldn’t wear it alone.”

Jan Thubron confided that the experience was traumatic and that she feared losing her beloved 4-legged companion.”

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The could have lost her life

Arrived at the clinic, veterinarian Adele Harrison took care of the young canine, whose pulse was weak. Molly suffered from anaphylactic shock, which refers to an allergic reaction that often has serious consequences. She had to be put on oxygen and given steroid and adrenaline injections. Once she returned to normal, Molly was treated for itching.”

Fortunately, all is well that ends well. The female Labrador was able to return home 4 hours later. Although she didn’t feel very well the following days, she has now fully recovered. According to the practitioner, she might have died if her owner had not acted quickly.”

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Responsiveness is required

Dr. Harrison explained to the Daily Record that bites are quite common, but that anaphylactic shock is rather rare in dogs. Most dogs attack buzzing insects, so there’s always the risk of them getting bitten.”

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The health professional has urged pet owners to urgently contact a veterinarian, when such an accident occurs. A single bite usually causes swelling, pain and hives, and most of the time it can be treated only with steroids and antihistamines, she added.

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