An association travels thousands of kilometers to offer a better life to these initially condemned puppies

While they were destined to be slaughtered in South Korea, puppies were rescued by an association that took them far from their country of origin, to start their new life.

A retired teacher, Nami Kim dedicates her life to the defense and rescue of animals in distress in her country, South Korea. She fights in particular to save as many dogs as possible from slaughterhouses , to shut down these establishments and help those who worked there to find other jobs, as The Dodo recounts.

Nami Kim thus counts hundreds of canines out of hell. One of his most beautiful operations took place in 2016, when, among a group of 300 rescued dogs, 10 puppies were sent to the United States. She had, in fact, contacted the Animal Humane Society of Minnesota who, although they had never organized international animal transport in the past, had not hesitated for a single second to answer the call to the help from the South Korean activist. Brie Nodgaard , of the American association, speaks of Nami Kim as a “ truly remarkable woman ” and considers her as his “ heroine ”.

The 10 young dogs first underwent veterinary examinations to be declared fit to travel. A fundraiser then made it possible to finance their transport by plane . The puppies were thus able to leave Korea and reach Chicago , Illinois.

There, from another airport, they were put on a small plane from Pilots N Paws , a collective of pilots who voluntarily transport the animals across the United States. Afterwards, members of the Animal Humane Society of Minnesota picked them up to take them to their shelter .

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The 5 females ( Tora , Bliss , Honey , Rosie and Tannie ) and 5 males ( Tommy , Charlie , Mark , Tucson and Leo ) received food , a good bath and a well-deserved rest.I could see in their eyes that they knew they were safe now,Brie Nodgaard recalls. Within days, several of them found adoptive families. Mission accomplished for Nami Kim and the Animal Humane Society team in Minnesota!


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