What can a dog that practices canines eat?

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have high requirements and strong endurance. They are an activity that can not be ignored. Without proper feeding methods, your dog can’t run for a long time or even perform. Does he need less food than a dog? Does the ration need to be increased? When to give it to her?

executive summary

measures her physical exertion. What are the suitable snacks? how often? Don’t make your dog fat. How about the food cooked at home? In short,

a high-level athlete does not eat like ordinary people. Is your dog the same? The answer is yes. His food played a big role in his final performance. Here, don’t listen to the performance in the vulgar sense, but listen to its physical performance, its body, and its response to efforts.

measures its physical expenditure.

doesn’t always know what kind of dog your dog belongs to. Is he a great athlete? More modest athletes? In fact, it depends on how often he participates in sports. If this is just a small daily walk, not very long and not very intense, then traditional food is enough. To remind you, you should give him high-quality biscuits to ensure that he has enough energy intake and provide all the nutrition he needs.

in contrast, practice canines, especially if you have performance or competition goals, Your dog must be classified as sports. At least two or three outings a week. In this case, you should reconsider and slightly change your pet’s diet, especially the croquet prepared for sports dogs. What kind of croquet is suitable for you? The

market is also large. Many brands have turned their high-end croquet into a sport dog’s croquet. In fact, some people even offer snacks according to your type of effort: endurance or high-intensity effort. Canines belong to the first category. These snacks usually contain more protein and higher fat, so that your dog can maintain a longer length.

however, please be careful not to exceed 2.5% cellulose level and limit carbohydrates. On the other hand, I like fatty acids.

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will not increase your dog’s food consumption. It must be provided in 2 to 3 rations per day. Giving him all the cookies at once will distort his stomach. Be careful. We remind you that it is very dangerous for your dog to run immediately after eating. It takes at least 2 hours from dinner to sports. Also, don’t feed the dog after the activity. It’s best to drink water.

just like every time your dog changes his diet, the transition must be smooth and last for days or even weeks. He must get used to the taste of new biscuits. Its body must also adapt to the different intake it produces.

never make your dog fat

, and the first few weeks will decide on a new diet. You should be careful that your dog doesn’t grow too big. At least, its weight should not exceed 20% of the ideal weight of its variety. How about

homemade food?

home food is possible for your sports dog. However, it is more difficult because you have to meet all its needs. EC companyThis is not always obvious. It is not enough to give him some meat or fish to meet his physical needs. Home cooked meals traditionally consist of meat, fish and fruit. Most importantly, it can bring you closer to your partner’s natural diet and stimulate his appetite. However, facing the difficulty of this task, it is easier and safer to turn to the food sold in stores.


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It takes time and patience for your sports dog to transition between traditional food and sports food. You need a few weeks to resume this new diet, which is actually an increase in protein, fat, carbohydrates, nutrients and vitamins. If you can choose a homemade mixture, we recommend that you choose a croquet specially designed to meet the needs of sports dogs.

most importantly, certain rules must be observed:

shall not carry out any sports activities within 2 hours after eating. Divide his / her daily needs into 2 to 3 rations. See if your dog tends to be overweight

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