Awakened by their dog, a father and his daughter escape a terrible accident

The city of Hull, located in England, has recently been the scene of a tragedy. Flames ravaged an apartment in the middle of the night, while its occupants were sleeping soundly. Except one, who has become a hero.

The fire, which broke out on Saturday June 12, was believed to have been caused by a power failure, Mirror reports. A man, lying in his living room, and his daughter, resting in his bedroom, might never have survived without the help of Minuit , a five-year-old dog. The animal sensed the danger and immediately reacted.

The canine then rushed into the room to alert its occupant. The latter was able to escape in time.

© Hull Live

The fire completely destroyed the apartment

© Hull Live

The victims had to be rushed to hospital. The father, in serious condition after inhaling smoke, was admitted to intensive care. His condition is currently stable. As for her daughter, she suffered some minor burns.

Although no life has been lost, nothing remains of the apartment. Fundraising will certainly be put in place in the coming days.

© Hull Live

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Either way, the dog performed a heroic deed. “ People don’t realize what happened in there and how amazing Midnight was ,” the young woman said. Not all heroes wear a cape.


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