Elderly dog found very weak in plastic bag finally moved into new home and regained health

Mildred, a senior dog who was discovered in a plastic bag this summer, has finally joined her new family. Sick during her rescue, she is now in good health and lives a peaceful retirement.

Shock and sadness had been caused by the discovery, on July 30, of an elderly and sick dog, abandoned in a plastic bag on the side of a road in Listowel , in the province of Ontario in Canada. The animal had been rescued and cared for by the Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo and Stratford Perth .

The team of the association and the veterinarians had helped Mildred , a 12 year old female Pug , to recover her health, she who suffered from multiple diseases : chronic vaginal prolapse, mammary tumors, dental problems, arthritis, excessively long claws …

To finance his particularly expensive care , the Humane Society had launched an online jackpot. The amount of donations reached three times the initial target, which was 5,000 Canadian dollars (approximately 3,200 euros).

On October 1, Mildred was available for adoption. 9 applications were received by the association, which finally retained that of Dorothy Bradshaw , who lives in London (Ontario). His experience with senior dogs and his lifestyle have argued in his favor.

A few days later, Dorothy Bradshaw went to the shelter to take her new 4-legged friend, reports the Kitchener site.

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Happy and in good health , the dog is now enjoying her new life with her family.


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