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sometimes need to treat dogs themselves, which may be complicated because animals don’t necessarily like what they swallow. How to give the dog medicine without pushing the dog and make sure it doesn’t spit out?

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give the dog a tablet or tablet oral liquid medicine and drop

on the dog’s ears or eyes because the disease is more or less serious, You may be asked to give your dog medicine. Whether it is one-time care or long-term or even lifelong treatment, these substances are crucial to help animals cure diseases or improve their daily life. However, the problem with taking drugs is that dogs are not always keen to swallow these tablets, tablets or liquid solutions.


depend on their character and education. They may not cooperate, Make operation particularly difficult. However, by using the correct technology and treating it gently, you can give your dog an effective drug without causing trauma or torture. Of course, it’s best for dogs to be used to being treated since childhood.

gives them a

tablet or tablet. For dogs that are not treated or can’t stand, it’s best to slide solid drugs into the food. For example, you can put it in a meatball, or crush it and mix it in its pie.

if your dog is more cooperative, you can put tablets or tablets directly in its mouth. To do this, place one hand under the lower jaw and hold the drug, the other hand on the upper jaw and press the two canine teeth with your thumb, index finger or middle finger. This small pressure causes the dog’s mouth to open.

hold the jaw with the other hand, open the mouth, and then place the medicine at the bottom behind the convex part of the tongue. Then close his mouth, raise his head slightly and let him swallow the medicine. If it’s not behind its tongue, the dog may put it in its mouth and spit it out without you knowing it Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about oral liquid drug

. Other oral drugs, such as some antibiotics, exist in liquid form. In this case, they give themselves a straw or syringe.

to give your dog medicine, hold his nose in one hand and lift his head to the ceiling. With the other hand, place the pipette or syringe between the teeth in your mouth. Gently press to inject liquid into the mouth. Give your dog enough time to swallow liquid and observe a short rest.

touch him and congratulate him when he is finished.

drip his ears or eyes

Ear drops: first make sure the inside of your dog’s ears are clean and healthy. If the drug is dirty and the auditory content is blocked, the effect may be lost. If the ears are infected or damaged, contact with liquids may cause pain to animals.

clean the ears, treat them, and then continue to dripSame as ear cleaner. That is, hold the dog, drop water drops into the ear canal, then hold it for a few seconds, let the liquid drop to the bottom of the ear and massage to facilitate penetration.

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” Eye drops: sit your dog down and open his upper eyelids with one hand. Drip the other hand into the eye in the prescribed dose. Ideally, this operation is 2 times; One man grabbed the animal and raised his nose to the ceiling. The other poured medicine into his eyes

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