The wonderful reaction of an assistance dog who sees her mistress via the phone

A young woman suffering from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome was recently hospitalized. His assistance dog could not be by his side. But, 12 days later, the reunion was magnificent. First via FaceTime, then physically.

Harris suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome . It is a genetic disease characterized by an abnormality of the connective tissue . In other words, this woman presents hyperlaxity of the joints , but also rather fragile blood vessels . She may pass out from falling blood pressure , or dislocate her shoulder for the first cause.

Fortunately, in his misfortune, Harris can count on a strong support: Moxie . A nurturing assistance dog . “ She picks up whatever I drop. She gets my shoes, my clothes and everything I need. She helps me every day and that’s a real blessing for me, ”she tells The Dodo.

Even through the phone, she recognized her mistress

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