Two pitbulls sneak into a hospital in search of tenderness and hugs!

St. Luke’s University Health Network / Facebook

Most quietly in the world, 2 dogs walked around a hospital, where they were rather well received before gently bringing them home. The establishment’s cameras followed their funny little stroll.

The Saint Luke Hospital , located in Lehigh Valley , Pennsylvania, received quite special visitors . The scene took place in 2017, as reported by Animal Channel . Everything was filmed by surveillance cameras at the medical center.

That day , 2 dogs of the Pitbull breed and responding to the names of Nero and Emma , quietly walked through the doors of the oncology department of the hospital. They crossed the reception hall, then wandered through the halls of the structure.

Peaceful , friendly , but clearly lost , the quadrupeds had just escaped from the home of their owner, Kathy Tamasi , who lives not far from the hospital. The dogs arrived at the pharmacy, where the staff, very surprised, finally realized their presence.

Hospital security was called, and officers quickly came to take charge of Emma and Nero . They kept them on a leash and gave them a drink , then passed the baton on to the local police. The owner could be identified and the police brought her dogs back to her in peace.

Relieved to find them and to see that everything went without incident, Kathy Tamasi thanked the hospital staff, security and the police for their kindness . She posted on Facebook a photo of Nero and Emma asleep after their little hospital getaway.

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