Saved when he had lost all hope, this puppy rediscovers love when he is taken care of by a woman and then pampered by chimpanzees!

From Liberia, where he had come close to death, to his new life in Colorado, Snafu the dog had a true miracle life. All credit for her rescue goes to Jenny and her veterinarian husband.

Jenny Desmond and her husband Jim had opened a chimpanzee sanctuary in Liberia. One day in November 2016, this American was crossing Charlesville , in the West of the country, when she saw, on the side of the road, a small dog who seemed to be in terrible pain .

The puppy had more than one wound, he was very thin and had lost much of his coat . Jenny Desmond also found that he had a fever and was infested with worms . For her, it would not have lasted more than 2 days. When she wanted to take him away, it was explained to her that he had an owner and that she was asking for money to let him go. But it was out of the question for Jenny Desmond to pay this person when she had left this poor puppy in this state.

She therefore left with the animal, making the false promise to her mistress that she would return it to her once she was treated. Jenny Desmond took him to the chimpanzee sanctuary, where Jim , who is a veterinarian , took care of his treatments.

In a few days, his state of health improved considerably. His hair was starting to grow back , he was gaining weight and the open wound he was suffering from in his hindquarters was healing . Jenny and Jim called him Snafu .

The chimpanzees have also decided to take care of their new 4-legged friend. Very protective of the latter, they even helped him down the stairs while carrying him.

A year later, Snafu grew up well and was in great shape . In December 2017, he left Liberia for the United States with Jenny Desmond , spent some time in Brooklyn , before leaving for Colorado. This is, in fact, where Jenny’s sister lives, who decided to adopt her . Since then, Snafu has been spending happy days with his new family .

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