Disfigured by his past as a bait dog, this Pitbull has not forgotten what love is!

From his past hell, Triumph only keeps a scar on his lip which, paradoxically, gives him a sort of smile. Despite what he had gone through, this dog was always affectionate towards people and his congeners. He is now ready to start his new life.

The 2-year-old Triumph the Pitbull wandered the streets of Moreno Valley , California with a bruised body. He had multiple scars and more recent, infected wounds . The most spectacular was on her upper lip , a piece of which was missing. After going through the town kennel, he was transferred to the It’s The Pits shelter , a San Diego- based charity, as The Dodo recounts.

Upon examining it, the It’s The Pits team immediately understood that it had been used as bait for training fighting dogs . In addition to his injuries, he was under-nourished and had frayed teeth, most likely because of the sticks used to separate dogs.

At the shelter, he received the care he needed. A specific diet was put in place to allow him to regain a normal weight. Her lip injury healed within weeks, leaving only a scar. Triumph also learned to play , to walk on a leash , to meet other dogs without having to fear anything from them… Everything he had been deprived of in the past.

The Pitbull has been placed with a foster family while waiting to be ready to be adopted .

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The ordeal that Triumph experienced is unfortunately shared by many dogs in the United States, although dog fights are prohibited throughout the country.


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