Wandering discovery with porcupine quills all over her face, a bitch is the subject of 2 successive rescue operations

After a first mobilization which made it possible to save her and to rid her of the quills of a porcupine, a stray dog had to be rescued a second time following a runaway. She had barely found a foster family.

A female dog was rescued twice within a few days; first because she was injured, then when she escaped when she had just been entrusted to a family, reported CBC this Wednesday, July 14.

It all started with its discovery near the protected area of Cranberry Flats , near Saskatoon in the province of Saskatchewan (Western Canada). One person had spotted this female Pitbull in a white dress with porcupine quills on her face. Worried about the dog, she launched the alert on a Facebook group, mobilizing a dozen volunteers.

They set up trap cages with dog food, treats, and steaks inside to bait him. One of these devices almost captured the canine, but it managed to extricate itself from it. Eventually, one of the group members managed to lure the bitch with chicken. It was then entrusted to Crystal Kautzman, of the local association New Hope Dog Rescue .

Crystal Kautzman / CBC

The volunteer called her Luna and took her to the vet. The female Pitbull had to undergo 2 operations to extract the porcupine quills she had on her face. Subsequently, he was found a foster family.

Luna now seemed out of danger, but just two and a half hours after arriving at her temporary home, she disappeared. The foster family called Crystal Kautzman to inform her that she had just escaped their 8-year-old daughter while she was walking her.

Crystal Kautzman was afraid Luna wouldn’t make it this time around. A new search operation was launched, with a reward of 400 Canadian dollars (approximately 270 euros), but the dog could not be found. 4 days later, while the volunteer was putting up posters, a certain Cheyanne Tilton called her to tell her that Luna was with her, safe.

Her interlocutor explained to her that she had been found by 3 boys who were playing outside. Cheyanne Tilton found Crystal Kautzman’s contact details on the animal’s collar. The latter immediately went to the scene for a very moving reunion. “ I couldn’t even stand up, I was shaking, I was so overwhelmed with emotion, ” says the volunteer.

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Crystal Kautzman / CBC

She handed Cheyanne Tilton a $ 100 bill asking her to offer meals to the 3 children as a reward, after permission from their respective parents. Shortly after, thanks to the media coverage of this story, anonymous people touched by the kindness of the boys sent them gifts and toys.

Luna’s foster family have indicated that they will not be able to keep her for much longer. It is now proposed for adoption.


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