18 dogs helping their owners with their shopping

Some dogs want to be helpful at shopping time and help their owners. These photos show it to us.

Dogs are always ready to participate in their owners’ activities. They don’t hesitate to volunteer to help with gardening, for example. They are also up and running to help with the shopping. Which is not a refusal.

Here are 18 photos of dogs helping their owners while shopping.

1. These 2 Shih-Tzu friends are great tips for decorating the house

2. He sniffs the products before buying them

3. He thinks this store is too expensive

4. This Goldendoodle would like to see other stores first before checking out

5. A simple basket will suffice for this small dog

6. This West Highland White Terrier is focused on the product data sheet

7. This Chihuahua walks around the store sitting in a basket that is in a shopping cart

8. 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in full consultation before going to checkout

9. He brought his bed so that the cart would be more comfortable for him.

10. One of the 2 doesn’t really like shopping

11. This Australian Shepherd has a say in the lighting of the house in which he lives.

12. This Labradordoodle is a gardener and knows exactly what to buy for this purpose

13. A happy German Spitz at the pet store in the toys section

14. They like to choose their treats themselves

15. As well as their croquettes

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16. This dog stands out for its good taste in rattan baskets

17. This dog chooses carefully the decorative plants that he will not touch when he gets home.

18. He fell in love with this ball


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