Dog assistance guarantee

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dog assistance guarantee more comprehensive care than dog health insurance. It includes nursing and transportation costs in case of disability, positioning devices in case of animal loss and solutions in case of personal accident. If you can’t take care of your dog, if your four legged friend gets lost, if something happens to your pet

and you never know what will happen tomorrow, it’s best to take all precautions to ensure that your dearest people are protected. This is also important when you have one or more dogs. To avoid any accidents, it seems wise to buy dog health insurance, but more can be done to protect pets to ensure that it is the best and provide wider coverage. This is dog assistance insurance, which can be used as a supplement to the above dog health insurance.

if you can’t take care of your dog

, no one can be protected from life-threatening effects, especially in terms of health. Diseases and accidents requiring hospitalization may occur. However, when you are responsible to the dog, these things become more problematic. Who will take care of your animals during your hospitalization? Who can feed him, take him out, ensure his hygiene and take care of him when needed? Not all dog owners live with their parents, so if something happens, they may find themselves poor. During your absence from work due to illness, your pet friend will be taken care of by professionals or acquaintances. As part of this guarantee, your pet will return to your home after hospitalization, which will also be organized. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. If your four legged friend gets lost, the owner of the

dog is most worried that the dog will disappear. The risk of escape, theft or carelessness is real, and the related risks are really worrying.

a person may have learned how to remind his dog, set up a fence, and take all necessary measures, but he may still lose his pet. In this case, there are some provisions that can increase his chances of finding a dog, such as those contained in the dog assistance guarantee. In case of loss, relevant institutions will be notified immediately: CSC (central society canal) at the national level, spa shelter at the regional level, veterinarian, gendarmerie and city hall within 50km from your residence If anything happens to your pet

, if your dog is injured or ill without motivation, the dog assistance warranty will provide you with an immediate and appropriate solution.

insurance company will arrange for you to contact a taxi and let the taxi drive you, You and your dog go to the nearest vet. This service also includes a route to and from your home.

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