A message posted on Facebook to help a dog with deformity get adopted moves thousands of Internet users

Certain animals considered to be different are often victims of rejection. Pepo had the painful experience of it. The dog suffers from multiple deformities, which made his adoption difficult.

To contemplate Pepo is to contemplate a crooked muzzle, jaw and paws. The animal was rescued by a charity, Animal Angels Global of Sussex, after it was found begging for food on the streets in Spain. He certainly suffered abuse as a puppy, as scans showed signs of fractures.

Volunteers repatriated him to the UK for rehousing and treatment. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned.

The Spaniel has been rejected by many potential adopters, because of his unusual physique. The wait lasted several months. Faced with this failure, the members of the organization tried to take action on social networks.

© Animal Angels Global

A moving message

© Animal Angels Global

Its benefactors have portrayed the portrait of a playful dog, dynamic and sociable with humans as well as with other animals. “ I have to go to the nicest people in the world, not to someone who won’t love me forever, ” reads the end of the post.

1,000 adoption requests

According to the Metro newspaper, the message has captured the hearts of thousands of Internet users. Almost 1,000 people even asked to welcome Pepo !

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The lucky winner is from Devon (a county in southwest England).

Jo Strachan was touched by the distress call on the Internet and by the story of the dog. After 8 months in foster care, Pepo was finally adopted.

© Animal Angels Global Deutschland

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© Animal Angels Global

Jo Strachan and her husband helped Pepo bury his dark past forever. The dog got what he always dreamed of: tolerance and love on a daily basis.


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