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Illustration : "L'alimentation d'un chien âgé"

generally speaking, a dog called “old age” or “old age” is characterized by life expectancy reaching the last third of life expectancy. If all breeds have their own lifespan, then when your dog becomes less active, you must start the transition to a high-level diet.


what is the diet of elderly dogs? How to feed his old dog with “high special” food? How much is it for him?

at this time, nutritional needs will change, and your partner needs less calories and fat rather than more protein. Depending on the breed, large dogs usually start eating at the age of 5 and small dogs usually start eating at the age of 7.

therefore, the diet of older dogs is very different from that of adult dogs. In order to cope with her decreased metabolism, dehydration and increased fat, you must adjust her diet.

to this end, you must increase your daily diet and give her twice a day. Be careful not to give twice as much food, but to divide the daily ration into two meals. Changing your diet is the same as changing the traditional diet. You will have to make a gradual transition, mixing the new formula with the old formula, and increasing the dose of advanced formula from one week to 10 days until it becomes the only food. What is the diet of

elderly dogs?

provides a diet suitable for older dogs. You can use smaller Croquets or other foods that are easy to swallow. The so-called high-grade foods include

low-fat (10-20%) high-quality protein (concentrated food with 18-20% protein), essential minerals: iron, calcium and zinc, as well as a small amount of sodium and potassium (so as not to fatigue the heart and kidneys) and vitamins B and e to support the dog’s body (antioxidant) and helps resist external attacks.

Industrial food is calibrated to meet the special needs of older dogs. In the daily diet, it must be ensured that the needs are met, and dietary supplements may be used to balance the diet.

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Industrial aged dog foods will be your best ally. They take into account all the physiological changes your dog faces and contain all the basic elements your dog (aged) needs now. To feed him, you must feed him food at room temperature. Keep these food in a dry, clean and airtight place. In this case, the food can maintain his taste and smell to the greatest extent. Remember, the taste and smell efficiency of advanced dogs is low. Before distribution, you can heat it in the microwave for a few minutes or remove it from the refrigerator (only prepare the amount to be provided, and put the rest in the refrigerator to prevent bacterial growth). In short, don’t give him a meal that is too hot or too cold.

Finally, give it to eat in a quiet place, otherwise it will not be disturbed by the children and will not be surprised when eating. For larger dogs, if it is difficult to bend, please consider raising the fish scale a little.Instructions on industrial food packaging. They give you a tendency to give according to age and race. However, every dog is different. It needs enough food, but not too much. In order to keep healthy,


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. In fact, old dogs will soon have weight problems because they store more fat. Who says being overweight means health problems? There are many problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems or joint problems. There is a special low-fat formula that cannot eliminate all other nutrients needed by older dogs.

in short, make sure it has a permanent full tank. Compared with puppies, older dogs have lower water content. Therefore, the risk of dehydration is greater. “

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