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what should you do when you meet a aggressive dog? This situation is terrible for dog owners and people who may be attacked.

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understand the different types of aggressive prevention of dogs. Dog aggressive prevention suggestions 1 prevention suggestions 2 what to do in the presence of aggressive dogs? Resolving the situation is expected to rebalance the owner / animal relationship

controlling a aggressive dog first needs to understand the dog’s aggressiveness: why is it aggressive? What are the triggers? What can lead to aggression? To whom? Without the answers to these questions, you can’t expect to master anything. If you don’t put yourself on the dog’s head, you can’t find a suitable solution to calm him down.

in order to control him well, the most important thing is to understand him, observe him, and learn to identify the problem.

Understand the different types of aggression of

dogs. With the help of observation and possible dog behavior professionals, you will be able to understand the types of aggression of your dog:

competitive aggression: it mainly involves obtaining resources (space, food and contact) Predatory attack: of course, it refers to predators, but it also includes moving objects, especially hounds. Territorial attack: it refers to dogs with highly developed guardianship instinct. Irritant attack: it refers to dogs pushed to the end (usually children) Fear of aggression: Unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult to deal with because it is unpredictable and related to emotions that dogs can’t control. Maternal aggression: refers to females, as the name suggests, after childbirth. About old, sick or injured dogs.

as mentioned earlier, please feel free to contact professionals to help you understand your dog’s aggression so that you can better control and guide your dog.

Because the topic of aggression is very subtle, you should not just read articles to establish your own theory. I want to say that understanding dog aggression is the first step, but usually requires professional external help. However, in many cases, the following suggestions help to better control and control the dog, whether it is aggressive or not.

prevents the dog’s aggressive

First, let’s start with two very important preventive suggestions to prevent dogs from becoming aggressive:

preventive suggestion 1

In essence, dogs always try to avoid conflict rather than provoke conflict, and then they send a lot of signals to calm the situation. If the other party or dog can not correctly explain the conflict, conflict will occur. Therefore, it is important to learn to say dogs.

For us humans, it is important to know the signals before the attack: licking truffles quickly and repeatedly, roaring, smiling, barking, etc., but also to know all the signals that cause discomfort: yawning, turning around, retreating, running away, etc. For dogs, learning to speak is not necessarily natural. To teach dogs to speak, you must associate with a balanced adult dog from a very young age.E woopets register newsletter I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Learn more prevention suggestions #2

in the same socialization process, dogs must conduct various positive and regular experiments with several species in the first 3 to 12 weeks of life. If the dog is used to experiencing new positive experiences regularly during this period, he will be better at dealing with new experiences, so he will not be afraid to experience new experiences.

What should you do when you meet a aggressive dog?

now let’s talk about the “practical” skills when you encounter aggressive behavior:

alleviates the situation of

When you find yourself in a situation where a dog is causing you discomfort and you feel that the attack is approaching, don’t hesitate to “talk to the dog” with gestures and gestures that will talk to it in turn: yawn, turn your head / body, bend your eyes, etc. these signals will allow the dog D Understand that you don’t want to conflict with him.


. As the owner of a potentially aggressive dog, you must know who will trigger your dog’s aggression in order to be able to predict and control the situation.

For example, if you know that your dog can’t manage the crowd well, don’t take him to the market every Wednesday! If you know that your dog has had a difficult experience with children, don’t let him move freely in the park. If you have a whole male dog that can’t be controlled in front of others – avoid dating. This idea is not to avoid problems, but to keep your dog from entering a disastrous and uncontrollable emotional state. This is a common sense problem…

rebalance the owner / animal relationship

As a master, sometimes, as they say, put the score on “I”, so that your relationship with your animals can be rebalanced. This is achieved by making some life rules every day. Please also read: control a eating dog

always take the initiative to contact. Don’t let your dog take the initiative to contact you or others. If he does so (with toys, jumping, barking, etc.) Ignore it, wait until it moves on, and then call it to start contacting. Keep your dog waiting before eating. Don’t let its game console serve you. Teach your dog to go to his place as required and don’t let it monopolize your (sofa / chair / bed) Without prior consent, set up short and positive education courses regularly to strengthen your relationship and meet his needs on the one hand, but the most important thing is to strengthen his obedience so that you can better control your animals Take care of your dog: take him out of the garden every day, play with him, stimulate his spirit and let him use his olfactory quality.

all these small rules allow to set the framework and boundaries while establishing / strengthening the relationship between the owner and the dog.

is also to let the dog understand that he is in the right hand and can trust the owner, because he knows how to protect the owner, so he does not need to protect himself by taking aggressive behavior

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