The couple who promised € 2,000 to find his Staffie recovered his dog 650 kilometers away

Queuma Santos / Facebook

Almost 3 weeks after his disappearance in Morbihan, Perseus was found in the North. The dog’s owners had conducted their own investigation to locate him and retrieve him from the people who had abducted him.”

Queuma Dos Santos and Maycon Lima had to drive 7h30 on the way out and as much on the way back, but they are relieved to have returned with their dog Perseus, 20 days after his disappearance.”

The couple and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier had not seen each other since February 19. That day, they were on a walk in Theix-Noyalo, in Morbihan, when the 2-year-old canid had escaped them.”

Research on the premises, publications on social networks and promise of a reward of 2000 euros had given nothing until this recent testimony of a person who said he saw a car stop at a roundabout, Queuma Dos Santos told ActuMorbihan. In the vehicle in question, a couple called the quadruped to lure him in and take him away. From then on, the owners of Perseus favored the thesis of theft.”

” A well-conducted investigation, 15 hours of driving and happy reunion

Other elements reached them later, including photos transmitted by a family who saw the said couple in the company of the Staffie. The people suspected of stealing it had come to Morbihan to look for a car. Thanks to the description of the latter, Queuma Dos Santos and Maycon Lima were able to locate them nearly 700 kilometers away, in Douchy-les-Mines in the North.”

They then contacted them. One woman replied, claiming that she had seen the ad and that someone had dropped her a dog that looked very much like Perseus. Queuma Dos Santos and Maycon Lima, who played the game, understood that their interlocutor was only interested in the reward when she did not want to take the dog to the vet at their request.”

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She pretexted not to want to have him examined so that he did not sleep in a cage. Pretending to believe her, the owners of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier decided to go to her home in Douchy-les-Mines on Thursday, March 11. When they arrived at their destination, they knocked on the door, she opened, and Perseus appeared. Immediately recognizing his masters, he ran to them.”

Queuma Dos Santos and Maycon Lima have taken the road to return to Brittany, their beloved dog at their side. The animal had to be seen by the vet the next day, because it was thin, thirsty and tired.”

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