Victim of seizures, this stray puppy receives the care and attention of a once-wandering Boxer cross dog!

Compassion is not an empty word in Dolly, a once stray dog who has become a surrogate mother to many abandoned puppies. When she saw the very fragile Kendall, she immediately understood that her little fellow was in need of comfort.

Dolly , a 2 year old Boxer crossbreed dog , was still a tiny puppy when Jackie O’Sullivan took her in . The latter acts as a foster family for young dogs abandoned, stray or coming from shelters. She ended up adopting Dolly definitively, who, growing up, began to save her young fellows in turn.

When she arrived at Jackie O’Sullivan’s , she trembled quite often and could neither stand on her legs nor walk. The volunteer was told that she had had one or more seizures before. She put it in a comfortable basket in her office. Realizing her presence, Dolly entered the room, approached the ailing puppy and started to moan , looking very worried about the little one.

The next day, Jackie O’Sullivan took Kendall to the vet . The analyzes made it possible to understand the problem; she had cannabis in her body. Toxic to dogs, the substance can be fatal to them after a certain dose. Who gave it to him? No one knows, but the priority was to save her.

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After a few days, Kendall’s health improved . She began to stand and walk . Dolly is certainly no stranger to it , she who comforts her and inspires her confidence . The puppy even wagged its tail for the first time since being rescued. She did this when she saw Dolly coming towards her after the latter heard her cry.


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