Dog walks into police station alone and climbs onto counter to report lost

Rusty Martin

Police officers in a Texas town received a surprising visitor in their offices. It was a dog, who was obviously there to have some company as he took a little getaway.

All kinds of things can happen in a police station. That of Odessa , in the State of Texas, was the scene of an unusual scene, but which did not fail to make all the people present smile, as Fascinating Things tells it.

The morning was drawing to a close on this day at the end of January, which until then had been a routine for the police. The latter were far from expecting to welcome a rather special guest.

A dog, in fact, entered the police station and presented itself at the reception. He probably had something to report. He stood up on his hind legs and leaned on the counter, under the amused eyes of law enforcement officers.

The German Shepherd cross was very friendly. Dog-loving Sergeant Rusty Martin came to meet him with a tennis ball. He spent a little while playing with him, while his colleagues tried to identify the animal.

He left as quickly as he arrived

He was wearing a necklace, but his medal seemed to have come off. The police then called the animal control service. However, before the latter’s arrival, the canine decided to leave the area. He left the police station as suddenly as he entered it.

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The next day, her owner came forward after Officer Martin posted the photos on social media. He explained that his dog, named Chico , had ventured out of the home, which was a few blocks away, and returned soon after.

Chico’s visit was brief, but it was enough to brighten the day for the police.

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