20 stars who share their loving moments with their dogs

Dogs are a hit with everyone, even celebrities. These photos show charming scenes from their life as dog owners.

Several celebrities are completely overjoyed at their dog. They do not hesitate to post photos with them on all social networks. These images show them in different moments of their family life, which moves the whole canvas.

Here are 20 photos of celebrities with their dogs.

1. The Cane Corso by actor Jamie Foxx

2. Chandler in Friends didn’t like dogs, unlike his performer, Matthew Perry.

3. Nicole Kidman succumbed to these 2 Dachshund puppies

4. Charlize Theron with her most affectionate dog

5. The famous model Gisèle Bündchen and her dogs

6. Reese Witherspoon in her house with her adorable English Bulldog

7. Filmmaker Jonah Hill with his adopted dog in a shelter to whom he owes a lot

8. Jennifer Garner reading to her Golden Retriever

9. Actress Kristen Bell with her best friend

10. American actor and dancer Channing Tatum and his dog

11. Model Chrissy Teigen with her child and her English Bulldog

12. A small house in which to live for actor Jeff Goldblum and his friend Woody

13. Jennifer Aniston and her 4-legged friend

14. Amanda Seyfried and her equally famous Australian Shepherd

15. Actress Salma Hayek who does not forget to refresh her dog on a hot summer day with a small shower from the hose

16. Tom Hardy is as famous for his roles as he is for his passion for dogs.

17. The dog that Arnold Schwarzenegger has just adopted to keep company with his other canine, Lulu

18. Actor Hugh Jackman and his companions

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19. The interpreter of Professor X, Patrick Stewart and his Pitbull

20. Hilary Swank defends the cause of dogs and encourages adoption in shelters as she did with her 4 friends


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