Prevent dogs from digging or scratching

Illustration : "Empêcher son chien de creuser ou de gratter"

can prevent dogs from digging or scratching, but you must first try to determine the cause of this behavior.


why do dogs start digging or scratching? Entertain him and suggest that he practice defining prohibited and free access areas

. Grasping and digging soil is the instinctive behavior of dogs. Not everyone does this systematically, but in some people, this is a bad habit that owners will be happy to quit. The damage can be huge and unbearable, especially if you have a garden you trim jealously. This behavior problem can be solved, but before considering what solution to take, it is necessary to know what factors prompted the dog to do so. Why did the

dog start digging or scratching? The

lawn is uprooted, the soil around the big hole is piled up, and the plants are damaged… When a person has a dog and a garden at the same time, and the former is often excavated deeply, the damage may be frustrating. In order not to deprive garden animals (which will be a huge loss), it is urgent to determine the causes of this behavior in order to effectively correct this behavior. One of the main causes of the bad habit of


is boredom. A dog is more likely to start digging or shoveling if he doesn’t have much time to take care of himself and spends a few hours alone in the garden every day. In addition, loneliness exacerbates this trend.

dogs can also start digging in particularly hot days to find freshness.

it can do this to hide something: food or toys, which it plans to use later.

If he digs under the fence, it’s because he wants to escape and enjoy more freedom.

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and other things that may cause it to dig or scratch: a smell from the ground. You can’t imagine what dogs can detect and dig out with their strong sense of smell. Some types of dogs prefer to do this than others, just like caves: Border Terrier, Boston Terrier, Kane Terrier, Fox Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, West Highland White Terrier…

entertains him and provides

exercises Boredom and loneliness are the main causes of this behavior. The first suggestion is to spend more time with the dog and give him more activities every day.

. If you are used to taking him out only once a day, Add a second walk and extend the walk time. In these walks, play with him and let him exercise. This will also guide his energy, so he will dig less energy.


give him the greatest chance to discover new smells, other dogs and others, such as taking him to the park. Social, physical, psychological and emotional stimuli help to make a person more balanced and happier and less inclined to develop bad behavior You can choose not to let him enter some parts of the garden, including flower plantations, orchards or sensitive vegetable gardens. If your dog continues to dig and scrape, the fences, fences and fences around these protected plots may become important.This means giving him areas where he is free to do so: give him one or more squares where you can mix soil and sand. To increase its appeal, bury your favorite bones or toys in it

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