Homeless, this man knocks on all doors to ask for money. When she finds out that he wants to save her dog, her reaction is immediate!

In the United States, a motorist immediately stopped when she realized that a man needed help to find his dog.

The young man’s name was Patrick . He explained to her that he had had some problems and that his dog had been impounded . To get it back, he had to pay $ 120 (around 100 euros), including the dilofilariasis test and the rabies vaccine . amount of money he obviously did not have. Wilma Trice herself only had $ 8 in her pocket at the time, but was determined to help him out , Animal Channel reports.

He looked like a good, nice guy whose life was difficult. You could see the despair in his eyes, like a big kid who had just lost his puppy, ”she says in the Inside Edition report below.

She then called a friend who agreed to help out by donating the $ 120. Wilma Trice and Patrick immediately went to the pound, where the reunion was very moving . The dog was so happy to find his daddy that he was shaking . As for the latter, he could not restrain his tears of joy .

A few years later, Wilma Trice opened an online kitty on the GoFundMe platform, which raised a few thousand dollars for the man and his 4-legged companion. Enough to help him go up the slope

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