Albane’s incredible struggle with his guardian angel Akane against ADHD

ADHD Everywhere Same / Franck Leboulenger

Since she was 14, Albane Berthou has been doing better. She will never be able to shake off her illness, ADHD. But thanks to her dog Akane , she gradually regains control of her emotions and progresses towards a life that she would like one day to be normal. Today, she hopes above all to shake things up about an unknown disease …

A disease close to autism

Hyperactivity in the brain and hyper sensitivity to others

Akane turned his life upside down

Recognition, his constant struggle

Today, Albane lives, with Akane , somehow with his grandparents.I dream of living like everyone else. I dream of an apartment, to choose my way of life, to be independent. I should be in a college, in a Crous, but I can’t even. The scholarship applications take too long, and the university is not suitable . She did not get her first year of philosophy, and integrated a License 1 in psychology .

Active volunteering, while waiting for your project to materialize

Albane takes his illness patiently. She has since joined, always with Akane , the association TDAH – Partout Pareil *. A structure that collects donations , organizes conferences , intervenes in schools, directs people to suitable structures and services, draws up the MDPH file, participates in educational meetings (ESS) and provides support to families. She would like a position of physical advisor to emerge , in order to be able to dialogue directly with patients, or families. “ I would like to help others even more, but I’m short of money. I can’t even afford to buy glasses, ”she laments.

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* ADHD Everywhere Same – Tel at 07-69-44-02-32, mail: [email protected] . </p

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