Despite his difference, a shelter adopts this 5-legged puppy to give him a chance in life!

Gema the dog may be a little different from her peers, but that doesn’t prevent her from being happy and enjoying her young life with her foster family. His 5th leg could be removed surgically, but the operation is not for now.

Very playful and friendly , Gema is a Great Dane dog almost like the others. She has a particularity, which is to be born with 5 legs instead of 4, as reported by The Dodo last February.

When she was born , her then family had not only noticed her extra limb, but also her very small size compared to other puppies in her litter. Its owners did not know how they were going to handle this complex case. They then contacted the association Stray Rescue of St. Louis , whose refuge is in Saint Louis in the State of Missouri, who immediately agreed to take care of the puppy when he reached the age of being. weaned .

The whole team of volunteers loved the young dog from the moment she arrived. She kept wagging her tail and wanted to play with whoever came her way.

Upon examining her, the vets found that she had no health problems other than her disability. Its hind legs are quite normal, while one of its front legs is double, showing a kind of outgrowth in the form of an extra foot.

The specialists and members of Stray Rescue of St. Louis prefer to wait until Gema grows a little longer to better assess the situation and its needs. An operation can be considered to remove the 5 th paw, but it is still too much to pronounce.

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In the meantime, Gema has been given a foster family comprising 2 other dogs , 2 cats and 3 children with whom she spends her time playing and learning.


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