By adopting newborn kitten, female Doberman Pinscher proves a mother’s love knows no bounds (video)

This is the touching story of an abandoned kitten who was adopted by a Dobermann mom. Although the dog had to take care of her own puppies, she agreed and nursed the puny feline.

Regardless of the species, a mother’s love is unconditional and knows no bounds.

A week after giving birth to 6 puppies, Ruby welcomed an unexpected new member to say the least. Her owner, Brittany Callan , and her relatives raise Dobermanns on a farm in Geneseo, New York. The small family kennel currently has 14 dogs. But since the end of August, another animal has joined the group.

Brittany Callan and her cousin, Nicole Gibbs , searched for the kitten’s mom. Alas, the fragile creature seemed orphaned. After hearing coyotes, the 2 women took her to safety inside the house, Daily Paws reports.

© Brittany Callan

The bitch became the mother of the kitten

Their new protégé was named Ramblin ‘Rose , the title of the favorite song of Brittany’s recently deceased father. The latter was worried about the fate of the young cat. Incredibly petite and still carrying part of her dried umbilical cord, Ramblin ‘Rose was only to be a few days old. This meant that she badly needed milk to survive.

© Brittany Callan

Her benefactress immediately thought of Ruby . The bitch was still nursing her own babies, who hadn’t even opened their eyes yet. And the meeting was very smooth. The breeder placed the kitten near the mother’s belly, who immediately accepted it.

© Brittany Callan

Their relationship quickly evolved and became adorable. Ramblin ‘Rose now has a caring mom and 6 siblings!

An United family

Ruby grew up with small animals, ” her owner explained. “ She is kind and friendly to everyone. In her youth, she even cuddled ducklings in the yard. Today, she naturally made it her mission to be Ramblin ‘Rose’s surrogate mom.

© Brittany Callan

The kitten also gets along very well with puppies, despite their difference in energy. At night, they huddle together: they form a real family.

© Brittany Callan

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Brittany Callan said the dogs are already booked and will join their new home when they are old enough to leave their mothers. As for Ramblin ‘Rose , she will be taken care of by Nicole Gibbs , who lives not far from her cousin. The kitten will be able to continue to visit the one who gave him all the love and attention she deserved.

© Brittany Callan


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