In Béziers, a reception structure for the homeless and their dogs: the social kennel

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The municipality of Béziers has funded the establishment of 2 boxes in a home for the homeless, allowing them to be accommodated with their pets.

For homeless people who have dogs , they are their only family and help them better cope with the misery, cold and other difficulties associated with their situation. Knowing that in most foster homes, pets are not allowed , these people often prefer to continue living outdoors rather than parting ways with their 4-legged friends.

But in Béziers (34), we thought of them by setting up 2 boxes in the emergency center of the ABES (Association Biterroise Entraide Solidarité), reports France Bleu . The establishment, which is located at 38 route de Sérignan and a few steps from the bank of the Orb , is therefore now ready to welcome the homeless who wish to find refuge in the company of their dogs , and thus allow the latter to be sheltered from the cold . This development cost the sum of 10,000 euros, an amount supported by the municipality of Hérault.

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The ABES emergency home has 18 places . 40 employees operate it 24 hours a day and throughout the year. In winter, the workforce increases to 44 employees. Apart from its work in this structure, the association strives to accommodate 200 people every day in other hostels and low-cost housing.

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