(Video) This dog has his own way of asking for treats!

Owner of 2 dogs, including a Husky, a woman has to face the formidable intelligence mixed with the mischief of her 9-year-old canine. The latest video, uploaded to his Youtube channel, shows a Zeus desperate to get what he is looking for. Namely sweets.

Zeus is a husky of formidable mischief . It is impossible , or very difficult, to resist him. He knows it and doesn’t hesitate to play with it. Even her owner, who is supposed to be well versed in her dog’s character, still falls for it.

Two treats rather than one.

We are in November 2018. In her house, Lindsay , the owner of Zeus , 9 years old, is stopped by her animal. He seems saddened . He cries , moans . He takes his mistress to the kitchen with his fellow man Kaden. For a moment, Lindsay thought her food bowl was empty. On the contrary, it was full. In fact, Zeus was asking for sweets in his own way.

Zeus knew how to do it. He sat down and waited patiently for Lindsay to give him not one, but two treats. When we observe his gaze, how not to crack? With all her experience, Lindsay did not resist.

Other films show a Zeus always smarter than he appears. This is its charm. One day, he no longer wants to walk and stops, slowly, in the middle of the street. In all situations, Lindsay cannot oppose her dog, who is particularly kind and endowed with a rare intelligence .

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