The best L-shaped names for a dog

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Names for males in L

  • Largo : Italian term used in music to designate a tempo. Worn by comic book hero Largo Winch .
  • Loco / Loko : “crazy” in Spanish. If your dog has a tendency to display a high-spirited character, this name could suit him perfectly.
  • Lennox : name worn by the noble warrior loyal to King Duncan in Shakespeare’s Macbeth , but also by former British boxing champion Lennox Lewis.
  • Leo / Léo : in reference to the lion. A good name idea for males of the Chow-Chow and Tibetan Mastiff breeds, for example. Maybe also a nod to Messi for footballers.
  • Liam : diminutive of William . First name popular in Ireland and the United Kingdom. One of the celebrities with this first name is actor Liam Neeson.
  • Linux : name of an operating system, but also of an asteroid discovered in 1994.
  • Looping : aerobatic figure in the shape of a loop.
  • Loustic : from the German “lustig” (“funny”, “amusing”).
  • Ludo : diminutive of Ludovic.
  • Lulu : diminutive of Lucien, Luc, etc.
  • Lycos : name of Greek origin carried in particular by a web search engine and various characters from Greek mythology.

Names for females in L

  • Lady : Lady, in English.
  • Laïla / Layla : first name of oriental origin, very common in the Maghreb and in the Gulf countries.
  • Lassie : the famous name worn by the canine heroine of the eponymous series, a female Collie with extraordinary intelligence.
  • Laura : common name of Italian and Spanish inspiration.
  • Leah : name inspired by a character from Genesis: cousin and first wife of Jacob , daughter of Laban and sister of Rachel .
  • Lexy : female counterpart to Lex. A town of Meurthe-et-Moselle, in the Lorraine region, bears this name.
  • Lili / Lilly : simple, cute and efficient.
  • Lina : diminutive of Angelina .
  • Lisa / Liza : diminutive of Elisabeth .
  • Lois : first name popularized by the character of Lois Lane in Superman .
  • Lola : Spanish first name which, at the base, is the diminutive of Dolores . Also available in Lolita , but the two syllable version is always better for a dog.
  • Luna / Louna : in reference to the moon. The first spelling is more correct, but you are free to use the second to be sure of the pronunciation.

Valid for both sexes

  • Lancer : pronounced in English, meaning “lancer” or “lance”.
  • Lilo : two syllables and as many simple sounds to remember. Worn by Stitch’s friend in Lilo and Stitch.
  • Litchi : exotic fruit cultivated in China, India, Vietnam, Madagascar, Thailand, Brazil and even New Caledonia.
  • Little : small or small. Will suit both a male puppy and a female belonging to a small breed.
  • Loulou : easy to remember with its doubled syllable.
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