Clean his dog’s ears

Illustration : "Nettoyer les oreilles de son chien"

this is a simple and fast gesture, which is very useful for dog hygiene and health, especially in breeds prone to ear diseases. If daily cleaning is not required, regular maintenance is recommended. Here are our suggestions to ensure the health of your dog.


why wash your dog’s ears? Before you start cleaning, forget how to clean your ears with a cotton swab?

dog ear cleaning is a very important hygiene and preventive measure, but many dog owners still tend to ignore it. However, this simple and fast gesture allows a lot of inconvenience and emotion. It is carried out regularly to provide cleaning and protection for dogs. He should get used to it at a very young age so that he won’t feel that this treatment is an unpleasant experience. Why clean his dog’s ears and what to do? Here are some suggestions to help you. Why should

wash the dog’s ears? If

is ignored, the dog’s ears will soon accumulate a lot of impurities: dust, plant debris, Cereals, etc. these impurities will promote the growth of bacteria, resulting in more or less serious infections and diseases. Unchecked and cleaned ears are also nests of external parasites such as ticks.

all dogs’ ears must be cleaned regularly, but some dogs are more vulnerable to various diseases than others. In fact, some breeds show susceptibility to repetitive otitis media, such as those with large drooping ears (rooster, scapula), long ear canal (German Shepherd), large amount of hair at the bottom of ears (poodle, Picchu, etc.), and large amount of cereal animals (Labrador, Springer, etc.).

receives suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register that your email address is collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about “kdsp”. Other breeds are particularly vulnerable to atopic dermatitis that may affect the ears, such as beaucron, French Bulldog, boxer, Cairn Terrier, Chihuahua, British bulldog, setter or Yorkshire Terrier. This is not to say that other varieties are not affected by these problems at all, but that these varieties are more vulnerable to these problems due to the anatomical structure and genetic background of the ears. In order to effectively clean dog ears, you need to know some basic aspects.

starts with the cleaning product to be used. It must be a specific dog ear liquid. For the application of this product, it is best to use a piece of cotton instead of a cotton swab. Because the ear canal is curved, the cotton rod is useless. It can even worsen the problem because it tends to push dirt back to the bottom. However, it can be used to clean the outer part of the ear.

about the cleaning frequency, it is recommended that drooping dogs clean once a week and other dogs clean once or twice a month. Ear examination should be more regular.

forgot the cotton swab

in humans, cotton swabs have an unwelcome tendency to push the scalp towards the tympanic membrane. So is your dog. In fact, don’t use cotton swabsFor your companions. Because, in addition to being counterproductive, it can’t be well combined with your dog’s auditory catheter. This is an “L” shape (or bent) and you may damage it.

the following are the steps to effectively clean the ears:

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pull the ears (don’t hurt the dog) so that the ears can be cleaned well. Put a drop of ear cream on the bottom of the ear (placed vertically to prevent the ear from sagging). Gently press the ear bottom and massage to make the lotion penetrate and dissolve impurities. Put a piece of cotton on the bottom of the ear, and then massage again to make the product and dirt adhere to the ear. When massaging, the cotton will rise slightly, which will help extract. Remove the cotton and clean the outside of the ear with a cotton swab

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