20 photos of senior dogs you’ll want to cuddle

Senior dogs have that little extra something that sets them apart. These photos illustrate it perfectly.

The older dogs get, the more wisdom and affection they gain. Looking at them, you can’t resist the urge to shower them with hugs.

Our senior dogs have a lot to offer. They also need to feel loved and supported more than ever. Many are waiting for their luck in shelters, and it would be a shame to deprive themselves of such a precious presence.

The 20 adorable senior dog photos below just confirm that they are unique and special.

1. Brewer has aged and lost his sight, but his wisdom and kindness have only increased over time.

2. He is 25 years old and he too has wisdom in his eyes

3. Stout turned 16 and still considers himself a little puppy

4. Benji the old Welsh Corgi Pembroke has a cart to keep going wherever he wants

5. Prior to his adoption at age 14, Francis was told he had only a few weeks to live. He celebrated his first birthday with his new family

6. This 16-year-old pug with deafness and partial blindness kept smiling on his first visit to the beach.

7. Millie is 16, too. She has been living with her new family for 4 years

8. Same age for Molly, who discovers the joys of the seaside

9. August the Golden Retriever celebrates its 20th birthday

10. Meet Boots, a senior dog survivor of Hurricane Katrina and best friend to the kittens at the Arizona Humane Society shelter.

11. Even though he is no longer very young, Cody does not lose his good old habits.

12. Just like that other old panda-like dog who still loves playing with water.

13. This 14 year old Golden Retriever has always loved playing in the snow

14. The great passion of this 12 year old Labrador Retriever dog is to fish for the biggest rocks at the bottom of the lake.

15. At 16, this dog discovered a new passion: driving a car.

16. What a wonderful bond between this baby and this 8-year-old dog

17. Soon to be 18, she never leaves her favorite toy.

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18. Gray-haired, this 14-year-old Labrador enjoys everything life has to offer, starting with sunbathing.

19. At the age of 19, this dog is still keen to play his role of nanny for the children.

20. It was on this beautiful sunny day that Elton celebrated his 19th birthday.


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