This former stray dog, used to fighting for food, never leaves his new bowl, which has become the symbol of comfort he had never known before his adoption!

After so many years of deprivation and insecurity, a dog finally knows what family life and the comforts of home are like. Some of his habits bear witness to his difficult past.

Life is extremely hard for stray dogs . They not only have to escape a multitude of everyday dangers , but they also have to manage to find food . This is what a 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier cross went through, for whom things finally changed for the better, as the Animal Channel recounts.

The quadruped was taken in by an organization. At the refuge , he had nothing more to fear. He now had food , fresh water and shelter . However, he deserved to know family life , like his peers.

A woman by the name of Susanne was just browsing the site of this refuge, when she came across the photo of the dog in question. As soon as she saw his portrait, she fell in love with him and decided to go see him.

Susanne went to the refuge 3 hours before it opened , to be sure to be the first. She went directly to the box where the canine was and their meeting only reinforced her decision to adopt it . She called him Neville .

For Neville , adjusting to his new home was not easy at first . Because of the deprivation he had known in the past, he especially tried to dig into the bowl of Susanne’s other dog, also adopted in a shelter, while his was full. Thanks to her mistress’ work and patience , however, her little behavioral problems were corrected over time.

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Neville has never been happier . He savored all the little things to which he was not entitled during his wandering life, including his mess tin ; he rarely separates from it and keeps it close to himself when he sleeps in his basket .


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