What if you offered yourself a portrait of your pet like a renaissance grandmaster’s canvas?

Illustration : "Et si vous vous offriez un portrait de votre animal de compagnie façon toile de grand maître de la Renaissance ?" © Animojo

To offer or to offer, these anthropomorphic portraits of Renaissance-style pets are truly out of the ordinary. They give a whole new dimension to the dogs and cats depicted. We tested the concept with Oria…

Because we love our dogs, cats, rabbits or other companions like our children, we also like to take pictures of them very often. Who doesn’t have a gallery full of pictures of their 4-legged friend or selfies with them in their smartphone?”

There is however even better than these images on screen to contemplate your animal at any time and sublimate it: personalized portraits. And those offered by Animojo totally stand out.”

This service was launched by a couple of Lyon animal enthusiasts. They wanted to create something original for pet owners, while focusing on the artistic aspect and the environmental dimension.”

The idea is to turn your photos of dogs or cats into period portraits. These anthropomorphic representations make your pet appear in costume, in a style and décor inspired by the Renaissance.”

The transformation is done in 3 simple steps on the site:

You choose the size of the canvas and the costume You add one or 2 photos of your pet You place an order, to have the personalized portrait of your dog, cat or other delivered free of charge within a few days (there is an express delivery mode)

It is also possible to choose options, such as the digital version of the portrait or the addition of text as a signature.”

The result is a pure wonder, as we have verified at Woopets. We have, in fact, made a portrait of Oria, our Australian Shepherd dog. And we loved it! Oria also by the way…

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Animojo therefore relies on the quality and artistic character of the products offered, but also on the eco-responsible aspect. The portraits, retouched in Lyon, are transferred to a printer recognized in the world for the innovation he demonstrates both in terms of printing techniques and materials consumed, which are ecological.”

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