Falcon attacks and tries to snatch a Yorkshire, his mistress goes into a trance to defend him (video)

In Nevada, a teenage girl was very scared for her dog, attacked by a hawk who tried to walk away with it. She then took her courage in both hands and faced the bird to free her 4-legged friend.

Cecilia Celis has paid even more attention to the safety of her bitches LuLu and Heidi , 2 Yorkshire Terriers , since the first was attacked by a hawk , as the Animal Channel recounts.

The scene took place recently at this 15-year-old teenager in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was filmed using the surveillance camera installed outside the family home.

Heidi and LuLu were in the fenced garden when a hawk pounced on her. With its powerful claws , the raptor held her to the ground, then repeatedly attempted to fly away, taking her with her. The little bitch was doing what she could to resist him. She struggled with the energy of despair, but she wouldn’t have lasted long if she hadn’t been joined by her mistress.

Intervened just in time to save his bitch

Cecilia Celis , who was inside, heard a noise and immediately went out to see what was going on. She then saw one of her bitches assaulted by the bird of prey and first tried to scare her by screaming .

Finding that her screams had no effect on the assailant, she took the first thing she had on hand, a pillow in this case, and used it to defend LuLu . The hawk eventually abdicated and left, freeing the bitch.

LuLu was not yet out of the woods, however. The raptor had inflicted a deep wound on his neck . Without wasting any time, Cecilia Celis took her to the vet who, after examining the animal, reassured her that she was going to be fine . LuLu was treated and was able to return home to her family. Her mistress can be proud of having saved her .

Here is the video of the attack and rescue:

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