How to retrain dogs?

The re education of dogs by Illustration : "Comment rééduquer un chien ?" and

is to some extent to give up learning for re learning. As a way to go back to the starting point, taking into account possible errors and failures in the past.


Understand the dog’s past, establish life rules, a comfortable and safe space, access regulated resources, control contacts, meet the needs of dogs, have a consistent attitude, establish or re-establish the educational foundation

how to re educate dogs? All the answers here are through five main basic axes:

to understand the past of dogs.

to start dog rehabilitation, we first need to know the reasons for this famous rehabilitation: why do we implement rehabilitation? What has our dog experienced (or not experienced) that requires such “updates”?

this is not to replicate a general model to get the dog back on track. Understanding your past, good and bad experiences, your sensitivity, your character, your past and present emotional state is effective for rehabilitation. The most important thing is respect.


. If you just adopted a dog and you don’t know anything about its past, Therefore, you must observe every day to understand your animals and know who you have to deal with.

in addition, when many dogs recover, I strongly recommend using professional help to avoid making mistakes or worsening the situation, which is sometimes very complex and even dangerous in some cases.

on the other hand, let you know what you need to do before entering the following four aspects, Note that this item may affect all profiles. In fact, the rehabilitation of dogs may involve

, an adult dog. It has never had any rules at home. A puppy has developed a very bad habit. A master has adopted a dog (puppy or adult dog). He has experienced all kinds of trauma in the past and established the living rules of

In any case, you need to make family rules: whether your dog needs to be retrained or educated!

is very important, especially for dogs adopted due to abuse or rather unstable living conditions.

any dog, from the most independent to the most glue cans, needs restrictions and frames every day to maintain good claws. As a responsible owner, you must let your dog have a safe and reliable landmark and living environment.

to do this, you must respect several points:

a comfortable and safe space

you must provide your dog with your own home space. In addition, he can benefit from multiple spaces, but in any case, he must realize that he has his own position in his own social group.


are of course realized through a basket, which is placed in a corner of the room. The basket must be comfortable enough for your dog to feel comfortable and respected enough for him to feel safe.

basket must be his refuge, where he knows where he can go, where he can live quietly without being disturbed.

so when your dog is in the basket, never disturb him, even to touch him! It’s best to call him and ask him to come to you instead of interfering with his bubbles.

accesses the regulated

resources “Your dog must also understand that not all the things that make up a family belong to him! When a factor(A place, an object, furniture or food) is not allowed.

so, give you a few examples: teach your dog to wait before eating the fish tank, don’t give him food when eating, don’t let him follow you everywhere, and prohibit putting a room at home, Teach your dog how to go and stay in the basket, etc.

all these small details will let your dog understand that there is a framework and restrictions to abide by. This will make him calmer because he will feel safer than giving himself.

controlled contact

finally, the most important point is contact! Your dog must learn not to be picky. He must learn to wait for your verification before contacting.

in short, you must take the initiative to contact and don’t accept the attention requirements that dogs sometimes insist on.

“Why does this make my dog retrain?” you’ll tell me! Very simple, because a dog who always gets what he wants is a dog whose claws will eventually get hurt, because he doesn’t know what depression is. This frustration is very important in daily life, taking the risk that keeping a dog is seen as compulsion rather than companionship Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about

frustration, including managing contacts! Consider this when your dog wants to start contact, but don’t turn around and ignore his attitude (don’t talk to him, don’t touch him, and don’t look at him). Once he continues to move forward, you begin to contact him and let him understand: I give up and I win! I deal with my setbacks, I get satisfied!

meets the needs of dogs

. Then, in order to retrain dogs, it is very important to respect the real nature of dogs. Therefore, meeting the needs of dogs and using them as expected is an integral part of educational rebalancing.

meeting these needs can not only strengthen your relationship with dogs, but also gain the trust of dogs, because they know that they will no longer lack around you. Whatever it is!

needs 4 points to meet the needs of dogs:

social needs: your dog must be able to meet people and dogs regularly to avoid isolation, develop and maintain its communication code, so as to restore high-quality social and psychological balance. Physical needs: dogs, whether leisure or work, need to take a walk outside the home. This will only let her vent herself and possible negative emotions (boredom, stress, etc.). Spiritual needs: This is one of the most important expenditures so far! Every dog needs to receive intellectual stimulation as often as possible. Olfactory needs: the most developed feeling of a dog is its sense of smell, Your dog’s olfactory consumption is essential and can be met by walking outside the garden every day, tracking at home or outside, similar meetings, etc. Of course, meeting your dog’s needs is also called the main needs: drinking, eating and sleeping! Some recovering dogs are sometimes not completely satisfied with this, so they willFor you, the recovery ceremony is very important: free water, one or two meals a day (note that there is no self-service) and a comfortable rest place.

has a consistent

attitude in the recovery of dogs, and your attitude will be decisive! You must be your dog’s real landmark. It won’t let you pass! If you show your weakness or doubt, your dog will feel it, no longer trust you, and sometimes no longer trust it.

on the other hand, once you make a rule, respect it and ask all members of the social group to respect it!

rehabilitation is mainly through relationship rebalancing! Therefore, you must show consistency so that your relationship with your dog will be calm, adaptive, fair and harmonious.

therefore, there are several skills to maintain a consistent attitude in daily life:

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Make sure you and your dog don’t fail in a successful process! Have an appropriate tone for each interaction, provide your dog with some common moments to strengthen your relationship, abide by the prohibitions you set, if you can’t move forward, constantly challenge yourself, always strengthen the correct behavior, respect your dog’s true nature, and always consider it Its past establishes or re establishes the educational foundation

finally, of course, in the process of dog rehabilitation, it involves re establishing some educational foundations that have never been or rarely obtained by your pet in the past.

You know, only by respecting all your dog’s views every day can you listen to your dog correctly!

in fact, if you consider your dog’s past and sensitivity, establish a safe environment at home to meet its many needs, and your overall attitude is the same: your dog can do anything you ask! Of course, there are exceptions to


, especially those dogs with severe trauma or developmental disorders! In this case, please always hire a professional dog education and behavior expert to help you find the best attitude and best education skills. “

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