Moved by the fate of this Pitbull abandoned in the middle of the street in a cage, she calls out and finds him a loving family!

After the discovery of a dog abandoned by its owners, a resident asked for help via social networks. Many people responded to his call, which gave the Pitbull a fresh start after the disappointment he experienced.

Whatever the reason, abandonment is always traumatic for a dog . The latter does not understand and is only waiting for the return of his family , which unfortunately will not take place.

This is what happened to this Pitbull spotted on a dead end street in Kalamazoo , Michigan, a few days ago. As reported by Animal Channel , he was found in his cage , in the middle of the road, with just a blanket , a bowl and a bag of kibble by his side. The canine was painful to see. He looked downcast and had no idea what was happening to him.

A neighbor realized it. She took pictures and posted them on Facebook , where she appealed for help . She indicated in her post that a friend had taken him into her home in the meantime, but could not keep him for more than one night, as she already had several dogs.

She also asked people not to judge or blame the owners of the Pitbull, recalling that in this time of crisis , more and more households are having to make extremely difficult choices. Even if separating from your pet is definitely not the best solution.

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Fortunately, a foster family was found the very next day for the dog, who will soon be available for adoption .


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