In search of a missing Golden Retriever, the police are interested in the new dog of a person known to its services

Josh Patterson / ABC News

With no news of his dog for nearly a month and a half, a family regains hope when police notice a similar Golden Retriever in a suspect’s home. Investigators had yet to confirm this lead by scanning his identification chip.”

A couple found their dog missing 5 weeks earlier thanks to the police, who were interested in an individual she regularly dealt with. A story reported by the Australian media ABC News this Sunday, September 5.”

Josh Patterson and Courtney Beaumont had been tossed between hope and disappointment since the end of July, when their dog Sampa disappeared. The 14-month-old female Golden Retriever had been stolen while in the backyard of their home in Goonellabah, New South Wales (Eastern Australia).”

Josh Patterson / ABC News

Despite the uninterrupted research conducted by the family, both in the field and via social networks, Sampa remained untraceable. A drone equipped with a thermal camera was even deployed, while a generous person offered to add 1000 Australian dollars (about 600 euros) from his pocket to the promised reward.

Its owners continued to hang on, encouraged both by the tremendous mobilization of the community and the police, and by the fact that their dog wears an identification chip. That’s exactly what made the difference.” about fifty kilometers away, a team of investigators from the Byron Bay police, led by Officer Joanne Turner, learned that an individual known to his services had just had a Golden Retriever. His description seemed to match the one Joanne Turner had seen when she discovered the search notice posted by Josh Patterson and Courtney Beaumont a few days earlier.

” Formally identified thanks to his chip

The police went to the house concerned several times, but neither the tenants nor the canid were there. Finally, during yet another visit, they were able to see and approach the animal. They passed it to the identification chip reader and thus had confirmation that it was indeed Sampa.”

Safe and sound, the dog was returned to her masters, relieved and grateful to the police. The only thing that has really changed is that she doesn’t want to jump on the furniture anymore! said Josh Patterson at the end of this moving reunion.”

For her part, Officer Joanne Turner welcomed the result of this great teamwork.”

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Josh Patterson / ABC News

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