After realizing that he was going to lose him, this dog no longer wanted to leave his master

In a year and a half spent together, Benny the dog and his adoptive father Scott have forged bonds of rare strength. Alas, suffering, the latter recently lived his last moments in this world. His 4-legged friend accompanied him until the end.

It is a story both sad and beautiful that tells us The Dodo , that of Benny and Scott . Benny the dog is a survivor of the terrible Hurricane Harvey , which hit Texas hard in August 2017. About 6 months later, he was adopted by Scott Ballenger , who lived in Washington State (northwestern United States). United).

Scott and his partner took Benny wherever they went. It was inconceivable for the man and the quadruped to be separated from each other even for a short time. So when Scott had to be hospitalized on August 29, his dog had a terrible time being away .

His state of health deteriorated seriously. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much longer to live, hence the family’s decision to bring Benny to the hospital so he could say goodbye .

And there, as if he understood that Scott was about to leave and that he needed him by his side , the animal refused to leave the premises . He decided to lie down next to him, his head resting on his arm. Until her daddy’s last breath. The next day, Scott Ballenger , in fact, passed away, surrounded by his family and his beloved dog.

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Benny has been inconsolable ever since. He keeps looking around the house for Scott , moaning . The latter’s companion takes care of it. They go through this difficult ordeal and mourn together. The dog will certainly one day recover from it , but one thing is for sure, he will never forget his adopted dad.


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