How to learn canine commands and instructions from dogs?

Illustration : "Comment apprendre les ordres et directions du canicross à son chien ?"

canines don’t just run next to dogs. The route is not straight, and the direction must be changed many times. To do this, we need to learn. Your dog should not hesitate to guide you as long as your voice.


different methods of positive education summary

the basis of dog education is to learn to “sit”, “stand” and other commands, especially remember its dog. In canines, it is necessary to teach your dog other commands, such as “left”, “right”, “front” and “light”, so that when you ask your dog, your partner will change direction.

how to teach him all these commands?

has different possible methods, and

has different methods. Learning direction only needs patience. Your dog also needs to feel some form of logic in what you teach.

receives suggestions from woopets by registering a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. You can learn more at work by running and showing the direction of your arms and, of course, sound. If your dog responds positively to orders, please feel free to congratulate him. Otherwise, without reprimand, oppose a simple “no”. Another technique is to stop learning through simple candy. You put yourself behind your dog, put a piece of candy on his right, let him turn clockwise and repeat “right, right…”. After a few laps, warmly congratulate him and give him candy. Perform the same procedure for the left side. You can do it with other objects as long as your dog is attracted to it and stares at it. Put the third person in front of your dog, on its left and right sides. Let your dog join and give it the right direction.

in any case, your dog should know that one direction has a name. He must equate a right turn with a “right turn” and a left turn with a “left turn”. This sounds basic, but you may not succeed at the beginning.

positive education

in any case, you should actively educate your dog. Just as you teach him to remind, you must reward your dog when it meets your expectations. Give him some touch, some candy (not too much) and let him know how satisfied you are with him. On the other hand, when he is wrong, don’t scold him.


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in short,

teaches your dog direction not by patting your fingers. You need patience, perseverance and some skills. When your dog meets your expectations, you should keep congratulating him instead of scolding him. You must repeat several exercises every day so that you can run safely. quite a lot? Yes, because there is no specific method. The point is that when you say “right” or “left”, your dog will eventually obey you

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