The pros and cons of the Volhard regime

Illustration : "Les avantages et inconvénients du régime Volhard"

Volhard diet is not the easiest to implement, but it promises more than one benefit for dog health. What are the benefits of feeding pets? What are its disadvantages?


Volhard diet summarizes the benefits of Volhard dog food? The disadvantages associated with the walhard

diet there are several aspects of the walhard dog diet that deserve praise and some criticism. Let’s review to help you weigh the pros and cons. The

Volhard diet is summarized as

, developed by Wendy Volhard, an American canine behavior expert. The main components of the Volhard diet are raw and fresh meat. The diet also includes grains, molasses, vitamin supplements and oils. He prefers animal protein sources and fat, while reducing carbohydrates.

as part of Volhard’s diet, his dog has two meals: one in the morning and one in the evening. The second ration of the day is food that includes raw meat. This rate will remain unchanged for the first six days of the week. In the seventh quarter, the dog doesn’t eat dinner. In a sense, this is a day of partial fasting.


remember that bones are not complete, but powdered. Recurrent ingredients in Volhard’s diet include safflower oil, molasses, natural yogurt or kefir probiotics, cereals (oats, millet, buckwheat…), boiled or crushed vegetables, fresh herbs (watercress, mint, parsley…), beer yeast,

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Volhard diet has several advantages. If applied according to its basic principles,

is a healthy, natural and balanced diet, especially suitable for dogs because it provides a good proportion of raw meat. Dogs are naturally attracted to this food. This method of feeding pets also helps to reduce digestive problems. No dog’s diet is perfect for problems related to warhard’s

diet. Everyone has his own shortcomings, and Volhard’s diet is no exception.

the first disadvantage is that he is not a

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is inconvenient for the owner. The latter must spend time preparing a two-day ration composed of a large number of ingredients, which is not helpful for preparation. Do not forget any ingredients, otherwise animals will face the risk of lack. Weigh meat properly, add vitamin supplements, Cereals, molasses, etc. chop herbs, grind or cook vegetables. The walhard diet is quite expensive, especially because of the price of meat and the amount of ingredients to buy.

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