The worst near miss for a dog left in a car parked in direct sunlight, involving municipal police

Locked in a car parked in the sun, a dog was on the verge of heatstroke when the Cannes municipal police intervened. If the canine was saved at the last minute, his mistress will have to answer for it in court.

The municipal police of Cannes (06) released a small dog left by its owner inside his vehicle, parked in full sun, Nice Matin reported on Wednesday, August 11.

The facts took place the day before at the end of the morning. Around 11 a.m., witnesses saw the animal panting in the passenger compartment of the utility vehicle parked on avenue de la Roubine , not far from the Louis Marnay roundabout and 200 meters from the beach. It was precisely at the seaside that his mistress was while he was suffocating in the cockpit.


Warned, the municipal police sent officers to the scene to rescue the poor canine, who was desperately trying to catch air by bringing the muzzle closer to the weak opening in one of the front windows. He could neither breathe properly nor quench his thirst, since his water bowl was overturned.

The municipal police officers initially considered breaking the window, but they finally chose to lower it by pressing hard on it, before opening the door. Finally freed from the furnace, the dog was placed in the shade and was able to drink water. The agents were preparing to hand him over to an association, but his owner has arrived in the meantime.

She had already left her dog alone the day before to go to the beach

Aged 55 and coming from Carpentras (84), she was returning from the beach as she had probably done the day before, where she had nevertheless tied her pet to a tree instead of leaving it in her vehicle.

She was prosecuted for animal abuse, the case having been transmitted to the Judicial Court of Grasse . This is what the mayor of Cannes , David Lisnard , indicates in a tweet in which he expresses his thanks to the municipal police officers.

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