This Foundation makes animals happy discover its actions

Illustration : "Cette Fondation rend les animaux heureux : découvrez ses actions" © Edgard & Cooper Foundation

Animal welfare is a subject that is particularly close to our hearts at Woopets. An important cause that we try to promote every day through our media and advice. As such, the actors and companies that contribute to advancing this cause through concrete actions deserve to be highlighted. This is the case, for example, with Edgard & Cooper.”

A young and dynamic animal feed brand, Edgard & Cooper is nevertheless a committed company since its creation. A commitment to the protection of animal rights and welfare that has reached a whole new dimension with the birth of the Edgard & Cooper Foundation. The organization, independent of the company, carries out concrete actions to help stray dogs and cats in difficulty, and this, on an international scale.”

On what principles does the Edgard & Cooper Foundation base its work? What are his commitments?”

” What is the Edgard & Cooper Foundation?

The Edgard & Cooper Foundation is a charitable association independent of the company of the same name that created it.”

Edgard & Cooper spent 10% of its profits on animal welfare actions. Since the creation of the Foundation, it has made a regular contribution to it by giving it 1% of its sales annually. As a result, Edgard & Cooper is one of the few brands specializing in dog and cat food to provide constant funding for a charity. It does not settle for occasional donations of funds, but does so on a regular basis.”

The action of the Edgard & Cooper Foundation is a continuation of that of the company, committed since its birth to the help and protection of dogs and cats in distress.”

The principles of the Edgard & Cooper Foundation

The entire team of the Edgard & Cooper Foundation is at the service of the law and well-being of dogs and cats around the world.”

Its operation and strategy are based on the 5 Fundamental Freedoms of Animals, recognized internationally for decades. It is, for dogs and cats, to:

Do not suffer from hunger or thirst Do not suffer from discomfort Do not suffer from pain, injury or disease To be able to express the natural behaviors specific to the species Do not experience fear or distress

These pillars of the animal cause guide the Edgard & Cooper Foundation in its approach and towards the achievement of its 3 objectives, which are:

Stop the unnecessary suffering of dogs and cats by providing immediate assistance Contribute to the education of individuals and communities about the mental and physical needs of dogs and cats, in order to address the source of neglect Promote the legal protection of dogs and cats, strongly supporting the Universal Declaration on the Protection of Animals. The Edgard & Cooper Foundation’s commitments and actions in favor of animals

By reaching out to dogs and cats in need, as well as to the organizations that care for them, the Edgard & Cooper Foundation is totally in tune with the expectations of new generations of consumers, who want companies to have a positive impact on society.”

The Edgard & Cooper Foundation has made a strong and symbolic commitment to make a regular donation of 1% based on its annual sales to support the projects and missions of the association it defends: the Dog Care Clinic, a structure created in Sri Lanka (see below).”

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Thanks to this partnership, the Sri Lankan veterinary clinic was able to offer food, shelter and care to many dogs wanderers living on the island.”

These are inspiring and often unknown actions that deserve to be highlighted. At Woopets, we are pleased to see that important players in petfood such as Edgard & Cooper are committed to the causes that are close to our hearts as well as those of our readers.”

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